Dear visitors, we offer education in Cisco networking technologies where training is carried out using...
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Dear visitor, welcome to the site of Univerzitné Centrum Košice. Our centre is dedicated to education...
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Biggest vocationally oriented program

We live in a world that is more interconnected than ever before, global economies are being created, and the need for people's technical skills is growing. Today, education in network technologies is the largest and most comprehensive professional-oriented training program in terms of information technology specialist training and has an irreplaceable position. Students have the opportunity to participate in an exceptional, high quality educational process.


Network academies in Slovakia


Cisco’s own educational program is the world's largest and  the most complex professional-oriented training program. Since 1999 it has gained an important position in the field of vocational education and training of information technology specialists and networks in Slovakia. The aim of the educational program is primarily to develop a global educational initiative in Slovakia and to address the problem of lack of specialists.


Start here to begin your IT career

Our educational center offers the opportunity to gain employment in companies dealing with network technologies with high standard salaries. For application in the IT companies it is required to complete CCNA training in the newest version divided into four stages. After successful completion of CCNA course you will get internationally recognized CISCO certificate, which is one of basic conditions for admission to employment.


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